Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Saudi Arabia

  • What exactly is a tractor, and why is it used?

    A tractor is a mechanical device that can create traction (the act of pulling something to move it). Tractors perform a wide range of agricultural tasks, each with its own distinct character; they are made in a variety of styles. The wheels are huge, with broad rims, and are occasionally equipped with tracks to provide optimal adhesion to the ground. It is mostly used in agriculture.

    Why I need tractors and other farm implements?

    Tractors and other farm implements are used for mechanization of agricultural process. Tourism, real estate development, and industrial growth are the major rivals for water resources and land in Saudi Arabia, making it difficult for farmers and agriculture to get their hands on water and land. It is essential that small farmers have access to low-horsepower tractors and planters that drop seeds directly into the soil, guaranteeing little soil disturbance and adhering to conservation farming practices in this circumstance.

    Why Should I choose Tractor Provider to buy a tractor?

    Tractor Provider is one of the most significant tractor dealers in Saudi Arabia. Tractor Provider provides tractor for sale, both brand new and used, to small farmers of Saudi Arabia at affordable price. Each small farmer can count on Tractor Provider to deliver on its promise of providing them with affordable access to agricultural tractors and other farm equipment. The quality of the Massey Ferguson brand represented, as well as the sturdiness and dependability of the equipment chosen, serve to reinforce our commitment.

    Customers may be certain that replacement parts are readily available, as well as a rapid and effective after-sales service manned by competent professionals, due to the company's reputation.

    Why Should I trust you as a reliable company?

    Tractor Provider has a team of experts that are willing to go the extra mile for their customers. In Saudi Arabia, our principal goal is to assist our clients in acquiring high-quality tractors. Over the course of its history, Tractor Provider has gained the confidence of a wide number of customers by introducing several innovative products and processes.

    Massey Ferguson tractors are the primary focus of Tractor Provider.  These tractors, based on the solutions of well-known European sub-assembly manufacturers, are straightforward and dependable. Using the latest technology from well-known manufacturers, these tractors provide excellent performance. Massey Ferguson's tractors are the work of engineers in the company's own development department. In terms of global tractor production, Massey Ferguson is one of the top three.

    What type of Tractors do you have?

    Currently we have brand new tractors for sale, used tractors for sale, Massey Ferguson tractors for sale, New Holland Tractors for sale and other used Japanese tractors for sale.

    What if I want to buy a used tractor instead of a new one?

    Our used tractors for sale are just as good as new ones when it comes to doing agricultural duties with the aid of implements, but new tractors are more expensive. Its usage has reduced agricultural labor significantly, as well as the automation of loading and hauling activities formerly performed by animals such as donkeys, oxen, or mules. As a result, if money is a problem, Tractor Provider offers Massey Ferguson used tractors for sale as well as used Japanese tractors for sale.

    What distinguishes Massey Ferguson used tractors?

    Tractors made by Massey Ferguson are known for their great quality, productivity, and most importantly, dependability, all of which help to ensure that its owners and operators are completely satisfied. Massey Ferguson's new and used tractors have a tremendous capacity for work, allowing the driver to operate one hectare at a time while lowering fuel consumption to a minimum.

    In order to keep the Massey Ferguson history alive, Massey Ferguson tractors have been produced to the greatest quality standards to provide a tractor that can handle today's agricultural labor, but retain the style that distinguishes it as a genuine Classic.

    Is there a sufficient supply of new and used Tractor parts?

    Yes, all the spare parts of both new and secondhand tractors are readily available.

    How can I buy tractors and agricultural machinery in Saudi Arabia?

    To inquire about new and used tractors, please fill out our online form or call our WhatsApp number, and our sales person would be happy to help you.

    In Saudi Arabia, how do I make payment?

    Telegraphic Transfer (TT) is the preferred method of payment. You may check out our bank information page for more information.

    What if I get a defective product?

    There are a few rules you must adhere to. If your purchase is insured, we will gladly replace it. If your equipment can be repaired, we will help you find a service provider and get it back in working order. After-sale support is included in the purchase price.