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  • Tractor Provider is a Japanese enterprise which has paved its way into the west African country of Guinea Bissau. We are a dealership in Guinea Bissau that imports your agricultural machinery and helps you with your farming related problems on an individual level. May it be a tractor, farm Implement or just a lawnmower, we have got your back. Tractor Provider is a reputable tractor company in Guinea Bissau, and promises you a competitive market-price amongst other tractor dealers in Guinea Bissau.

    Tractor provider Guinea Bissau continues to provide the best value for money

    We are almost in the post-pandemic phase, and every country's economy has took a huge hit. We, despite the hit, manage to provide farmers with the most affordable choices when it comes to tractors. As your reliable tractor dealers in Guinea Bissau, we're supplying products, whether it is for a private land or a large-scale farm, on a reasonable rate, so that the local farmers of underdeveloped countries can have one thing less to worry about.

    The Agricultural Sector in Guinea Bissau

    Guinea Bissau is one of the 10 poorest nations in the world. They produce their own food, and their economy is mostly made up of mining natural resources of rare earth metals, but fishing, livestock and agriculture accounts to the economy as well. Agriculture scene is not the best in the western Africa but it isn't completely dead either. Tractor Provider Guinea Bissau continues to work hand in hand with the local farmers of Guinea Bissau to improve the quality of farming in the region by providing them with proper gear.

    Guinea Bissau produces most of its food and the common food crops of the country are beans cassava, cashew, peanuts, rice, potatoes and some other vegetables

    How can we promote Agriculture in Guinea Bissau?

    For starters, we aim to equip farmers with the latest tractors and let them use these facilities to ensure a healthy outcome. We can supply a diverse set of machinery and Farm Implements to choose from, as we have a diverse range of Farm Implements for sale, brand new and used tractors for sale and much more. In fact, we have a fresh stock from the best tractors of the Massey Ferguson company in Guinea Bissau.

    New Holland tractors are one of our signature tractors and our Kubota Combine Harvesters have no competitor when it comes to being the most fuel-efficient amongst many combine harvesters in Guinea Bissau. We keep a large stock of used Japanese and many other tractors for sale. These agricultural machineries can help people of Guinea Bissau to farm efficiently.

    Our customers are our driving force

    Aside from Tractor Provider Guinea Bissau being a dealership that delivers the best tractors and farm implements in Guinea Bissau, we respect our customers and help them select the best tractors that suits their individual needs. We solve farmers' problems by giving them world-class services. We put our trust in you and that's what we ask from you, your trust in us, and together we will change the future for the better.