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  • Welcome to Tractor Provider Dominica

    Your hunt for the best tractors in Dominica finally ends here at Tractor Provider Dominica. We provide imported and high-quality farm implements and reputable branded tractors to assist the farmers in their everyday pursuit of agricultural tasks. Tractor Provider Dominica has been serving the business of the supply of remarkable quality agricultural machinery to farmers around the globe.

    We have been learning and improving every day to provide the farmers of Dominica with the best services which they deserve. Our tractors are exclusively designed to help the farmers in increasing their productive yield by simplifying the entire cultivation process. Our farm implements are credible enough to manually aid the cultivation process by reducing the efforts of farmers while at the same time yielding increased crop production. We offer brand new and used tractors from globally recognized tractor brands namely Massey Ferguson Tractors and New Holland Tractors. These tractors are widely popular because of their enhanced stability towards towing and weighing operations and they come with a lifelong guarantee. Our used Japanese tractors are of superior quality, making sure no compromise on the quality of farming operations exists.

    Agriculture is the potential domain of economy

    Farming and agriculture are the pillars of the economy, the stronger they are, the stronger is the economy of a country. The crops of Dominica include banana, citrus fruits, cocoa, herbal oil, and its extracts. The agriculture of Dominica is its economy’s mainstay. It provides numerous employment opportunities, food provision to its nationals, and manages the rural settlements.

    As of the global uncertainties, there exists a lot of agriculture-related redundancies in the way of economic uplift, resulting in the decline of the agricultural sector. For tackling this situation, Tractor Provider Dominica has been working endlessly. It speeds up the entire agricultural process by assisting farmers swiftly in the cultivation procedures. Moreover, the farm implements that we are offering, catalyze the processes of sowing, mowing, tilling, and soil preparation which in turn affects the crop production optimistically.

    The mission of our company

    Our company strives every day to bring the best possible farming solutions for the farmers of Dominica. We offer a diverse range of agricultural machinery and farming tools that are considered to be the most significant assets for farmers. When the right techniques of a combine harvester are applied, the hectic work pressure on the farmers is reduced, as it can perform three functions at one time namely threshing, winnowing, and reaping.

    Our tractor company is operating since the 90s, serving farmers and industrial clients for decades. We have focused on retaining clients by excelling the quality of our agricultural machinery. Our farming tools are considered to be the best lifetime investment because of their enhanced usage. Our mission is to reduce the gap between the underprivileged farmers and good quality machinery which is not accessible to them. We make agriculture easier by providing numerous effective resources such as tractors and farm implements that are cost-effective and result-oriented.