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    Tractor Provider is your reliable farming companion that vows to stand by Nigerian farmers and educate them on how to get the best out of their agricultural machinery. As the preeminent tractor dealer in Nigeria, we try our best to help our customers eliminate agricultural challenges faced by them and to guide them on how to choose the best tractor and farm implements in Nigeria for their particular farms.


    Nigeria's agriculture sector is lagging due to lack of modernisation


    Despite being an agricultural economy with enormous potential, Nigeria's agriculture faces challenges from low technology and land degradation to high post-harvest losses and low level of irrigation farming. These formidable challenges are not only stifling the sector's productivity but also posing a threat to the country's economic progress.


    Over 70% of Nigerian farmers still practice farming at a subsistence level. Integrating technological equipment to their everyday farming practices can allow for higher yields and eventually pull Nigerian farmers out of poverty. Abundant production of commodity crops can be achieved by making use of tractors and farm implements for sale at Tractor Provider, that will not only help farms meet domestic demand but also produce surplus for exports in the international market.


    Our Massey Ferguson tractors are top-class and reliable


    Our Massey Ferguson tractors are one of a kind and the common choice of African farmers due to their impressive performance and durability. As evidence suggests, a brand new Massey Ferguson tractor is far less susceptible to wear and tear as compared to some of its competitors. By following our maintenance guide, you can even extend its service life to last you a lifetime.


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    Tractor Provider is your go-to tractor company in Nigeria, that is committed to resolving your common farming challenges and to help Nigerian farmers get on the road to prosperity. Get in touch with us today to help you get started.