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  • The agricultural sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an essential pillar of the national economy and an important source of food security. Hence, it has become necessary to reconsider the agricultural development strategy, taking into account the importance of national food security.

    The Kingdom is supporting research related to the transfer, localization and development of competitive, environmentally friendly agricultural technologies to serve sustainable agricultural development, and support the Saudi agricultural economy to continue providing diverse food sources, with the aim of developing agricultural technologies that achieve sustainable food security for the Kingdom.

    Need for Mechanization of Agriculture Sector

    Mechanization goes well beyond plowing; it can improve productivity and develop new employment in local and global agricultural networks.

    The use of agriculture machinery and farm implements in Saudi Arabia is an important indicator of the technical performance in the agricultural sector. The rates of agricultural mechanization in the Kingdom, expressed in the number of tractors in Saudi Arabia per thousand hectares of the cropped area, indicate that it has reached 26.6 tractors - 1000 hectares, which is more than the global equivalent of 18.8 tractors - 1000 hectares.

    Massey Ferguson Tractors in Saudi Arabia

    Our Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Saudi Arabia are of the finest quality and the best tractors available in the domestic market. Massey Ferguson's brand new tractors for sale in Saudi Arabia are durable and highly effective due to its reliable services. The brand new Massey Ferguson tractors in Saudi Arabia have quieter engine than the others. They are the most cost-effective tractors. They satisfy every need a farmer has for a tractor. The hydrostatic power provides the greatest steering for this vehicle. There is no other tractor like the Massey Ferguson tractors in the Saudi market.

    Although there are several tractor companies in Saudi Arabia such as there are New Holland Tractors for sale but Massey Ferguson brand new and used tractors for sale in Saudi Arabia are the best because they are multi-tasking, agile in soil preparation, sowing, transport work and perfectly reliable in large field, livestock and horticultural work. Massey Ferguson tractors provide low cost of use, easy maintenance, and are a complete and durable mechanization offer. MF 375 is one of the most economical tractors among Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Saudi Arabia.

    Among the used Japanese tractors for sale in Saudi Arabia, Massey Ferguson's MF 300 series tractors are simple yet powerful. They are designed to perfectly meet the demands and expectations of Saudi market because they have very fuel-efficient diesel engines, Perkins 3-cylinder AD 3.152 and 4-cylinder AD 4.41 and thus deliver massive power of tractors. Massey Ferguson tractors are equipped with power steering for a smooth and effortless ride. The MF 300 series tractors offer a more spacious driving environment, the tractors offered are available in platform or semi-platform versions. Our used Combine harvesters are some of the best in the market. Invest in a combine harvester and revolutionize your harvesting practices. You will not only be able to save manual labour but minimize post-harvest losses considerably.

    Get in touch with us via phone or email, and our sales representatives will be happy to guide you on how to best mechanize your farms using our top notch agricultural machinery.