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  • Who we are and what we do

    Tractor Provider Namibia is a Japanese-based enterprise working as a one-stop platform for local farmers of Namibia. We provide new and old agricultural machinery, that includes brand new Massey Ferguson tractors for sale and New Holland tractors, as well as farm implements of all kinds. We distribute some of the most renowned and reliable tractor brands to the Namibian farmers at economical prices.

    Tractor Provider is here to ease your life

    Our goal is rather simple: we want to help the local farmers of Namibia get all the agriculture-related facilities they need, in order to ease their lives as farmers, so that they can focus on turning it into a more profitable business.

    How do we do it you may ask. Well, our tractor dealer in Namibia serves as a means of delivering a competitive range of all sorts of agricultural machinery to choose from. We have various tractors for sale, suitable for both large-scale and smallholder farms. Investing in us will cut you the hard work and turn it into smart work as we only sell efficient and technologically-capable machinery.

    We aim to modernize Namibia's agriculture sector

    On paper, Namibia has quite a small percentage of cultivated land to farm on, out of which only 2% receives enough rainfall to grow sufficient food crops. Namibia's major crops include pearl millet, sorghum, maize, wheat, beans, and some other fruits and vegetables. In short, Namibia isn't an agricultural country, and that's exactly what Tractor Provider aims to change.

    All of these natural and man-made challenges that constrain Namibia's agriculture, whether they may be human and institutional incapacity or simply weak implementation of policies among different agencies, it can all be eradicated through efficient and modern technology. It is our sole purpose to see Namibia's agricultural sector develop and use its potential to a maximum by investing into up-to-date tractors and farm implements in Namibia.

    What differentiates us from other tractor dealers in Namibia

    We can be distinguished from other tractor dealers in Namibia by our top-notch inventory, as we have brand new tractors for sale as well as used tractors and farm implements, along with Kubota Combine Harvesters. If you are looking for a reliable tractor company in Namibia, then we are here to help, as we have a variety of Massey Ferguson tractors in Namibia, used combine harvesters and used Japanese tractors for sale.

    For Tractor Provider Namibia, our customers are everything

    We respect our customers and their decisions, which is why we have come so far. For us our customers' satisfaction is our number one priority and we ensure every purchase you make is in your favor and in a way that promotes local agriculture. You can visit us at our given address or get in touch with us using the live chat feature on our website. You can also check our currently available stock of agricultural machinery on our website. If you come across something that catches your eye, then you can email us your queries. Our skilled sales representatives at Tractor Provider Namibia will be more than happy to help and guide you.