Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Namibia

  • Where is the dealership located?

    As of now, we don't have any physical presence in Namibia. However, here's a list of nearby countries we have local offices in: Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

    How to Contact Tractor Provider Namibia?

    You can call us on either WhatsApp or phone on the given numbers or visit the official website of Tractor Provider Namibia. You can get in touch with us through email as you can contact us through our company email and send your queries there. Another way to get in touch with us would be using the live chat feature shown on our company website. Click on the 'contact' tab and you will be prompted to two of the ways of contacting us, you can either choose 'start chat' and chat with our online sales staff in real-time or select 'leave message' option to leave your queries to be answered in a detailed email.
    Telephone: +8180 3015 6655
    Email: [email protected]

    How to make my first order at Tractor Provider Namibia?

    There are several modes of purchasing tractors or farm implements from us. You can either choose bank transfer to our designated banks or shop directly from the yard. As soon as you place your order, our sales personnel will contact you within the first 24 hours and ask for confirmation after which your order will be processed.

    What currency do we accept?

    Tractor Provider Namibia accepts both USD and JPY currency only in the banks authorized by the company. You can find more details about banking on our bank details page. Local currency will only be accepted if we have a physical office in that country.

    When will my product be delivered?

    We as a reputable tractor company in Namibia can never tolerate any type of delays and want to ensure you that your machinery - whether it is a large-scale purchase or a private one, will get to you on the promised date, on average it takes about 4-6 weeks minus the paperwork.

    Can I check my machinery before buying?

    Our customers can come to the yard and take a look at their item before the purchase. However, online order will not facilitate any sort of pre-purchase inspection.

    What should I do if my tractor turns out to be faulty?

    If the product you bought was under a warranty policy, it will either be replaced or refunded. A professional from our company will get in touch with you asap and troubleshoot the error.

    Can I trade or sell used Vehicles/Machinery?

    Well, it depends. Our policy requires us to go through the equipment and accept to buy it if and only if all of our boxes check, meaning you will have to get in contact with one of our sales personnel and share all the necessary details. If it's possible, they will let you know and share the procedure for it.

    Do we auction tractors?

    As of now Tractor Provider Namibia does not support an auction facility, whatever you want to buy will be either available on the physical yards, if not you could directly purchase from the official website of Tractor Provider