Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Guinea

  • Why Massey Ferguson Tractors are a top choice of African farmers?
    Massey Ferguson Tractors do not only possesses any one quality for standing them apart rather they have numerous such qualities that make them unique and more versatile than the rest. These tractors are strongly built, can aid heaviest and bulkiest tasks without much effort, are easy to operate, resistant to damage, and lastly, they are cost-effective due to which they are the most preferred choice of African farmers.

    What are the services of Tractor Provider Guinea?
    Tractor Provider Guinea, is a tractor dealer company, providing high-quality and imported tractors belonging to reputable brands such as Massey Ferguson tractors and New Holland Tractors. Besides, brand new tractors, we also deal in used tractors and used combine harvesters to assist the farmers in their day-to-day agricultural activities. Agricultural machinery particularly farm implements are also offered by us at affordable rates.

    How to order tractors from your online website?
    Select the desired tractor or farm implement that you would want to purchase. Select the button of inquiry for the stock. One of our representatives will inform you about its availability. From thereon you can place your order with the representative upon its availability.

    What is the optimal delivery time?
    The optimal delivery time since the order has been placed and payment has been cleared for any in-stock article is 6 to 8 weeks. Please note that this is the optimal time, however, at times, the delivery takes a bit longer because of the farther distance between the dispatch and destined ports.

    Do you trade in used tractors and farm implements as well?
    Yes, we do trade in used combine harvesters, Massey Ferguson Tractors, and New Holland Tractors. We thoroughly inspect the condition of the used articles and unless we are fully assured about their credibility we don't keep them for sale. The used articles are fault-free and a hundred percent credible enough to cater to your agricultural needs. However, all the farm implements are in brand new condition.

    What is the current payment mode?
    We accept payment in USD. The payment is also acceptable in the local currency of the country where are regional offices exist.

    Please explain FOB and CIF charges?
    FOB and CIF charges are completely different.
    FOB relates to the price of the implement or tractor exclusive of any other tax or shipment costs.
    CIF includes the cost of the desired article, marine insurance, and shipping charges to your destined port.

    Why should we choose you?
    Choosing us is completely your choice but here is why you should opt for us. We have been a genuine tractor dealer company in Guinea, serving the tractor business for decades in African and European continents. Our regional head offices are operational for quite a time and catering endlessly to our customers with versatile tractors and farm implements as per their needs. Over the years, we have excelled in quality and customer service, due to which we have been able to secure thousands of satisfied customers who trust us for the quality and services that we provide.