Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Egypt

  • What type of tractors are offered by your tractor company in Egypt?
    At Tractor Provider Egypt, a diverse range of internationally recognized and high-quality tractors and farm implements are available for sale. In addition to new tractors, we are also offering used tractors for sale from reputable brands including Massey Ferguson Tractors and New Holland Tractors. Besides, used combine harvesters and expedient agricultural machinery are also easily available at our dealership at remarkable rates.

    Which farm implements to use to increase cotton production?
    Cotton, being the principal cash crop of Egypt, is of utmost importance for the economy of the country. Therefore, farmers are gearing up for its increased production. To achieve this, farm implements particularly reapers, should be used efficiently for cotton reaping. The persistent usage of harrows, hoes, and ploughs would definitely help in its increased yields. All these farm implements are exclusively available at Tractor Provider Egypt.

    Do you offer used tractors for sale as well?
    Yes, we do offer used tractors for sale. We do have used combine harvesters, used Massey Ferguson Tractors, used Japanese Tractors, and used New Holland Tractors for sale. Despite being in used condition, their credibility is a hundred percent and are by default exemplary in terms of performing any agricultural task.

    What is the technique behind using the right farm implement along with the right Massey Ferguson Tractor?
    All the farm implements and Massey Ferguson Tractors have certain horsepower. As per the horsepower compatibility, both the farm implements and Massey Ferguson Tractors perform well. For example, chisel plough is compatible with those tractors that have 50hp or above of horsepower.

    How should I place an order at Tractor Provider Egypt?
    At Tractor Provider Egypt, the process of ordering is quite easy. Choose your desired article, be it any sort of agricultural machinery; tractor, or farm implement. After choosing your desired product, just click on the inquiry for stock availability. One of our representatives will inform you about its availability or not and you can proceed with your order upon its availability.

    What is the function of a combine harvester?
    Combine harvester is a lifesaver and is the most preferred agricultural machinery among Egyptian farmers. As its name suggests, it can perform three harvesting operations together mainly reaping, winnowing and threshing. Used combine harvesters are available at Tractor Provider Egypt at affordable prices for the simplification of agricultural tasks.

    Which Massey Ferguson is the heaviest and can perform the bulkiest tasks?
    The greater the horsepower the higher would be the credibility of Massey Ferguson Tractors. Generally, those Massey Ferguson Tractors having greater horsepower 85hp particularly MF-375 4WD and beyond are credible enough to perform the bulkiest tasks of weighing, lifting, and pushing.

    In how many countries is your tractor dealer company operational?
    Our tractor company is not only operational but it also has numerous satisfied customers in a lot of African countries particularly Ethiopia, Nigeria, Djibouti, Guinea, Australia, Ivory Coast, Mali, and other countries as well around the globe.

    Why Massey Ferguson Tractors are more preferred than any other tractor brand?
    Massey Ferguson Tractors are serving industrial and agricultural clients for decades. Their credibility in performing agricultural tasks in reduced fraction of time, performance longevity, and low maintenance costs make them the most preferred tractor brand. In addition, these tractors live long without being worn out despite working tirelessly in unfavorable conditions