Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Cameroon

  • How can I place my order sitting in Cameroon from your website?
    Placing an order is quite simple. All you have to do is visit, select your desired tractor followed by, sending an inquiry to us about the article. As soon as we receive an inquiry, one of our sales representatives will contact you at their earliest convenience. Also, you can email us directly for any query related to the purchase at [email protected]. One more thing you could do, an option of live chat is available on the right side of the page, click on that and join us in our live chat and we will help you in placing an order.

    Is the local currency of Cameroon accepted for payment?
    We do accept the local currency of Cameroon, as well as payment made in USD is also acceptable.

    What is the payment mode?
    We accept payment from different modes including bank transfer and telegraphic transfer. Besides, we also accept payment in cash made at our regional offices for those customers who are located within that particular region.

    How can I trust your company in Cameroon?
    We are a trusted exporting company registered legally by Japanese export registration authorities. We bear physical presence in a number of countries and we are striving to make our physical appearance in Cameroon soon. We have been in the business of supplying agricultural machinery since decades and we have clients all over the globe.

    What are the tractor brands offered by you in Cameroon?
    We basically deal in a number of highly reputable tractor brands which include Massey Ferguson Tractors, New Holland Al Ghazi Tractors, Kubota Tractors, Ford tractors and Yanmar tractors. All of these tractors are available in refurbished, brand new and used conditions. Despite being in either refurbished or used condition, the tractors purchased from us are reliable and can assist you in all kinds of agricultural functions. In addition to tractors, a couple of other agricultural machinery is also up for sale at our stores which include combine harvesters and farm implements, ranging from mowers, ploughs, trailers, ridgers, loader, crane, cultivator, razor, thresher, harrows, pintle hook etc. The solution of all your agricultural needs is available under one roof.

    For a newbie tractor driver, is any training necessary?
    Any training is not necessary even for a newbie tractor driver. Our tractors are easy to operate as they are designed keeping in mind the ease and flexibility of a tractor driver hailing from remote or rural areas.

    How long will it take for my tractor to reach my doorstep?
    Usually, the delivery time is 4 to 8 weeks. However sometimes, due to uncertain circumstances, the delivery may take a while longer.

    How to enhance the life and productivity of a tractor?
    In order to enhance the life and productivity of a tractor, you will have to maintain it following our guidelines.