Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Angola

  • Why should I buy from your tractor company in Angola?
    Tractor Provider is a world-leading supplier of agricultural machinery and is ready to provide Angolan farmers with varying products of high quality at affordable prices. We enable our customers to have alternatives as we supply a diverse range of brand new tractors for sale. There are also lots of refurbished products to choose from, as well as used Japanese tractors for sale. We prioritize customer contentment which can be seen through our after-sales services which are the finest in the country.

    How do I select the right agricultural machinery for my farm?
    It is essential to make an informed decision, and we can help cater to your specific farming needs. You can contact us to assist you in seeing what kind of implements and tractors would suit your farm. There is further detailed information on our website about each product being sold. You can never go wrong with having a good tractor, so make sure to check out our popular Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale. With a large piece of land, you will need to select a tractor with 60 Horsepower or more. Our tractor dealers in Angola would suggest a Massey Ferguson 375 which has 85 HP or a New Holland 70-56 which has 85 HP. With a smaller piece of land, farmers can buy tractors in Angola with 40 HP.

    How can I place my order?
    The order can be placed through phone or email with the details listed on our site. You can make a payment via bank transfer and you will be contacted within 24 hours for verification of your order.

    How long will the delivery process take?
    We make sure that no time delays occur and so guarantee delivery on the promised date. Your order will be supplied to your nearest port within approximately 6-8 weeks.

    What type of tractors are provided?
    There are different tractors sold on our website with variances in prices, brands, and HPs. We have brand new Massey Ferguson tractors in Angola and we have New Holland Tractors for sale, as well as used Japanese tractors for sale. All these tractor companies that we deal in are known globally and have been ranked in the 10 best tractor companies in the world. This gives our customers in Angola to choose from multiple high quality products and select the best one for themselves.

    Do you have any agricultural machinery other than tractors?
    We have products other than tractors such as farm implements for sale. We have seeding equipment, threshers, ridgers, fertilizers, seeding equipment, etc. We are here to improve your overall harvesting experience and that's why we also have used combine harvesters. Farm Implements in Angola can enable farmers to be faster and help with soil enhancement so don't forget to check them out.

    Can I sell or buy used automation?
    Our tractor company in Angola sells many used machinery for our farmers, however, we have strict rules concerning the quality, and only goods that match our standards are sold and bought.

    What happens if there is an issue with a customer's farm equipment?
    Make sure to contact us so we can provide you with the right assistance. We have a warranty policy so if the error occurs during the warranty period the equipment will be replaced or you will be refunded.

    What are the forms of contact for Tractor Provider Angola?
    There are numerous ways to contact us. You can message us on WhatsApp or call us. There is an email for further queries and we have our socials presented on our official site.
    Telephone: +8180 3015 6655
    Email: [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Will it be hard to maintain the agricultural machinery bought from Tractor Provider?
    With our Massey Ferguson company in Angola, we only provide farmers with the best quality tractors, but we also sell other types of agricultural machinery. All these products can be maintained if they are handled responsibly. They are all high quality and we want the greatest for our farmers. Knowledge is key, and so don't be hesitant to reach out. Our sales agents will give you all the information you need to sustain your machinery.