Frequently Asked Questions from the customer of Uganda

  • Where we can locate you in Uganda?
    You can find our office in Kampala, Uganda. Our complete address is given below:

    Block 236, Plot 875 - Bweyogerere Jinja Road, Kampala, Uganda.
    Telephone: +256 414 599 752, +256 776 640 540
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Where do you have stock in Uganda?
    Our stock of brand new and used/reconditioned tractors is available in Kampala.

    What is the condition of used /reconditioned tractors that are available in Uganda stock?
    All of our used/reconditioned tractors are available in outstanding condition and thoroughly tested by our technical staff.

    How can I place an order from your website?
    Go through our website, select the tractor of your choice and place an order from the online form. Our sales representative will get back to you promptly.

    How can I make the payment in Kampala, Uganda office?
    Payment can be made in cash at our Kampala office.

    What currency do you accept in Uganda?
    Tractor Provider Uganda accepts payment in US dollars.

    How much time you take to deliver the tractor while payment clears from the customer?
    You can drive away along with your desired tractor on an immediate basis while payment and other legal issues are cleared.

    In order to have more information about the tractor, please contact Tractor Provider Uganda.

    Note: Our local office is currently closed. Please Call or WhatsApp at Phone: +8180-3015-6655 Email: [email protected]