Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Trinidad Tobago

    1. Why should I be placing my order from Tractor Provider Trinidad and Tobago?

    Tractor Provider Trinidad and Tobago, one of the finest tractor dealers, operates in a number of countries and is now all set to begin its operations in Trinidad and Tobago through its extensive web platform. Our tractors and associated farm implements are considered to be reliable and of superior quality at comparable rates. We aim to provide the best agricultural solutions for the farmers of Trinidad and Tobago. Therefore, give us a try and get a helping hand for your farming operations without any hassle.


    1. How do I get the required information before buying a tractor or farm implement?

    We have developed Tractor Provider Trinidad and Tobago online platform keeping in mind the equation of a local farmer. Our description of tractors or farm implements explains comprehensively about their manual operation and usages in particular. Furthermore, our live chat option is available too for more assistance. We are always here to guide you and solve your queries in Trinidad and Tobago. Generally, keeping in mind the hp of the tractor, the compatible farm implement should be bought.


    1. How should I maintain any used tractor purchased from Tractor Provider Trinidad and Tobago?

    Either buying a used tractor or a new tractor, the maintenance has to be the same. For the maintenance of any tractor, always ensure that after usage, the tractor is kept clean and the wheels are not clogged in water. Water retention in any form is very damageable for either the farm implement or tractor. Cleanliness is the key to long-term productivity. For any other query or question of interest, contact us on the given WhatsApp number or email us directly to .


    1. What type of agricultural machinery is available for sale?

    At Tractor Provider Trinidad and Tobago, a vast variety of agricultural machinery and farming tools are available. The tractors for sale, either used or brand new, are of superior quality as they belong to brands like Massey Ferguson Tractors and New Holland Tractors. Their operations are productive and put less stress on the shoulders of the farmers. The farm implements that we offer are reliable enough to aid the farmers in variable agricultural tasks such as sprayers, mowers, reapers, threshers, etc. Besides, combine harvesters and used Japanese Tractors are also listed on our website.


    1. What to do if there’s an issue in the purchased agricultural machinery?

    In case of any issue, contact us and we will lead to a solution. However, if this issue arises during the warranty period, we will either refund you or exchange the machinery as per your request.


    1. How long will it take to receive my order?

    Our customers trust us as we have maintained the bar of delivering the product on the promised date. For local orders, the delivery time is about 3 to 4 weeks. For international orders, the desired article will reach the nearest port within 8 weeks.


    1. How big a tractor should I be purchasing?

    Buy a smaller tractor as you can get by. For a smaller farm, a smaller tractor will do wonders with reduced room for storage, less fuel consumption, and a lesser emission rate. Owning a bigger farm, a smaller tractor will not assist you with manure spreaders or balers, henceforth a large tractor with greater hp will be the right fit for your needs.


    1. How to place an online order via Tractor Provider Trinidad and Tobago?

    Select the desired agricultural machinery after visiting the website. Fill out the inquiry form and from there on our sales employee will get in touch with you. Once confirmed, your order is placed. It’s pretty simple!


    1. Can I see any used tractors before purchasing?

    Mention this query in your inquiry form and as per the protocol measures we will reach a win-win situation.