Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Sierra Leone

  • How is your company unique from other tractor companies?

    We aim to pay attention to customer service and the quality of agricultural machinery. For decades, we have been supplying quality agricultural machinery in the global market, and throughout these years we have submitted ourselves completely to our clients in terms of quality checks, customer service, and accurate deliveries. In our journey of unrelenting efforts, we have made countless customers, relying on our customer service and deliberately labeling us unique and distinctive from our competitors.


    How can farm implements ease the farming tasks?

    Our online store is full of farm implements including reapers, mowers, threshers, sprayers, winnowers, and many more. When the right tool is used for the right operation, the supposed agricultural task is performed within minutes. Thus the usage of farm implements is quite cost-effective, labor effective, and results in increased productivity.


    How to order online through your website?

    Visit us at . Select the product of your choice and leave a message enquiring about its availability and pricing. Once our team has received an inquiry against an article, one of our teammates will contact you. Similarly, you can place your order with us via our live chat feature available on the right side of our website. Emailing us at will also help you in placing an online order.


    How to pay after placing an order?

    Once you have sent us a message against any tractor, our team will contact you shortly. After your confirmation of the purchase of the machinery of your choice, our teammate will follow you up for the payment. You can either pay us through a designated bank transfer via a pro forma invoice sent to you. Or if you are a local resident, then you can pay us in cash at our designated regional office.


    In how many countries do your regional offices exist?

    We have been functioning from a number of countries, our head office being located in Japan. Our regional offices are operating from many African, European, and Middle Eastern countries namely Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana, and many more.

    With the immense support of our customers, we are expanding our business to Sierra Leone via online means.


    How long is the duration for delivery?

    The delivery duration for local orders is between 3 to 4 weeks. In the case of international orders, the delivery duration might be longer, as it depends upon the distance from the port of dispatch to the port of delivery.


    What types of tractors are available for delivery?

    We have a huge variety of compact, subcompact, and utility tractors, belonging to a diverse horsepower range. These tractors come from renowned tractor brands namely New Holland Tractors and Massey Ferguson Tractors. They are agile and tough, manufactured exclusively for agricultural, commercial, and industrial uses. You can find them on our website in brand new as well as used condition. Besides branded tractors, we also supply used Japanese tractors, having enhanced reliability and rigidity.


    Do you disclose the details of the used tractors?

    The used tractors that are up for sale have been invigilated and reconditioned thoroughly to make sure they are free from all the flaws, retaining their 100% credibility.