Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Iraq

  • How do I get in touch with your representatives in Iraq?

    As of now, we don’t have an actual office in Iraq. However, we’re conducting business through online means. To get in touch with us, you can choose one of the two options, either call us directly through the phone numbers given on the website or through our website’s built-in chat feature.

    You further get two options; you can chat in real-time with our support team or simply leave a detailed message for us. For more information, visit our ‘contact us page.

    What should I buy?

    When it comes to agribusiness, you should concentrate on your needs and settle on levelheaded choices in light of your necessities. We, at Tractor Provider Iraq, are here to make sure you make the right decision by providing you with every option that you could need. We have the top-rated tractor lineup from Massey Ferguson in different form factors, drives, and HPs. The same goes for the New Holland tractor lineup that we have and the Japanese Kubota series of combine harvesters. All of our tractors come both in brand new and second-hand condition.

    What are farm implements? Are they any good?

    Farm implements are the hand tools or machine attachments that go with the tractor to help in a farm enterprise. Implements are useful when it comes to delicate tasks that can’t be normally done by hand.

    How to place an order through our website?

    To place an order at our website, go to the main page of Tractor Provider and fill in the inquiry form. You will be hosted by our sales team shortly, and you can confirm your order. It’s that simple.

    When will My Tractor or Farm Implement Be Delivered?

    We are an online tractor dealership that endorses timely workflow from both ends. We make sure that your order is delivered to you on the specified date and time. It takes about 6-8 weeks before you get your shipment. So stay still and we will get you your product on time.


    Is there a way to inspect my used tractor before making a purchase?

    Technically, you cannot, since we don’t have a physical yard in Iraq to display the items. Although, arrangements can be done through our online contacting service.


    Do we auction tractors?

    Tractor Provider does not provide any such service

    My tractor doesn’t start?

    Don’t worry if your tractor doesn’t start, get in touch with us and our support team will help you fix the problem. Considering if it’s fixable, else we will provide you with an alternate way to fix the machinery.

    What currency do I pay in?

    Since we do not have a physical office in Iraq, we accept payments only in US dollars and JPY in our designated banks mentioned on the company website. You can visit the bank details page for more details.

    Are Stock Spare parts available?

    Yes, all of our products come with stock spare part availability. In case you misplace parts or damage them, you can have us replace them. For further details, contact our service team through the ‘contact us’ page.