Tractor Backhoe with Front Loader

It is a tractor implement attached with front side loader and back hoe movable arm used for digging, loading, and excavating purposes. This heavy loading tractor equipment provides a digging depth of 9 feet and lifting capacity of 1000 kilograms material weight.

Backhoe Specifications

Bucket Size 16” x 18”
Swing arc 145 degrees
Hydraulic pressure 2250 PSI
Bucket Rotation 165-170 Degrees
Boom height from Ground 118” – 188”
Maximum Digging depth 92.6” – 146”

Backhoe with Loader

Incase if Auxiliary Hydraulic Pump is required
Cost Iron Gear/Plunger Pump driven by PTO
Hydraulic Tank with 60 Liter Oil capacity
Return Line Filtration, Suction Strainer,
Breathing Cap & Oil Level & Temperature Gauge