Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Australia

  • What are your services in Australia?

    In Australia, as well as in other countries, our services are expanding day by day. We offer a diverse range of agricultural machinery both in used and brand new condition. At this moment, our inventory consists of used and new Massey Ferguson Tractors, New Holland Tractors, farm implements, used Japanese tractors, and lastly combine harvesters which are multipurpose in function. Our tractors are resilient enough to become the best long time investment for your everyday farming needs. These are exclusively made of superior quality to ensure that the farmers can get the best out of them. Besides agricultural, we have numerous satisfied clients in the commercial and industrial zones as well depending largely on our exemplary tractors and agricultural machinery. We are operating online in Australia at the moment.

    How to order at your website?

    First and foremost, you can select the desired article and hit the button for an inquiry for the availability of the stock. From thereon, one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you. Once available, the article will then be placed for delivery after the payment has been made.

    What type of tractors suit best the Australian agricultural landscape?

    For the Australian agricultural landscape, heavy-duty tractors are of huge significance, such as MF-365 and MF-375 as they have enormous horsepower that can cater easily to the weighing and towing tasks.

    How to increase the productivity of tires of tractors?

    In order to increase the productivity of the tires, make sure the dirt and the water cluttered within the tire spacing are cleaned every often. The more you keep the tractors and tires free of dirt, the increased operational longevity you will observe.

    What is the payment mode?

    We do accept the local currency of the country in which we are operating such as the Australian Dollar. However, payment is also acceptable in USD or via bank transfer. But please make sure, that payment should only be made to the designated bank mentioned.  

    What is the longest time frame for the delivery to reach my hometown?

    Generally, for the local orders, the delivery made is between 3 to 4 weeks. However, for international orders, the delivery displacement may be a bit longer depending upon the port distance.

    Why should I choose your tractor company over any other company?

    Our company is a fully registered tractor dealer, operating the tractor business for decades. We have regional offices in a number of countries including Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, and many more countries. However, our head office is based in Japan. Our tractors mark the emblem of quality, therefore, we have been successful in making customers but also in retaining them. You can give us a try and feel the difference as to how our qualitative services are unmatched.

    What type of farm implements can be used with Massey Ferguson MF-375?

    Massey Ferguson MF-375, being a powerful tractor features 75hp of horsepower. Likewise, farm implements also possess certain horsepower. Depending upon the horsepower, the farm implements are compatible with one or more tractors such as a rotary tiller, it can be run by a 25hp tractor.