Maize Sheller for Sale - Tractor Implements

Maize shellers gently separate kernels from cobs, preserving seed quality. With adjustable pressure mechanisms, they ensure uniform shelling without compromising germination capacity. This gentle process is vital for maintaining high-quality maize seeds in the seed processing industry.



  1. Gentle separation preserves seed quality.
  2. Adjustable pressure ensures uniform shelling.
  3. Maintains seed viability and integrity.
  4. Increases processing efficiency.
  5. Versatile application in seed processing plants.


Technical Specifications:

Shelling Capacity 1400 - 1600 KG / H
Weight of Machine 320 KG
Height 6 ft
Width 4.5 ft
Driven P.T.O shaft Driven
Belts V- Belts
Tractor compatibility  50 HP and above